Application forms are available from:

  • Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd, P O Box 14164, Panmure, Auckland 1741 - Phone: 09 589 3231
  • LandMark Bar & Eatery, Queens Road, Panmure, Auckland
  • The Corner Bar, 163 Queens Road, Panmure, Auckland

Alternatively you may download the application form (and Audit Summary Report) by simply clicking on the buttons below and the form will be loaded into the browser. To save the form to your computer, right click on the button below and select "save link as" and save it to your hard drive.

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Applications must be received for consideration at each of these meetings by the first Wednesday of each month for consideration at that month's board meeting.  Following the Covid-19 lockdown the Board is now meeting on the third Thursday of the month at two monthly intervals.  Please refer to the dates as listed on the Home Page.

All grants must be on the official Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd Application Form. Organisations who wish to apply can request an Application Form by contacting the Foundation directly or by collecting a form from one of our member venues or you may download a form - click here.
To contact Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd: Phone: 09 589 3231 OR email


All applications must fulfill the following conditions before the grants committee of Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd can consider them. This applies to every applicant or group making an application for grants from gaming machine funds.


All sections of the form must be filled out correctly. Failure to complete the entire form will result in the application being declined

  1. The original application form must be sent to the Foundation (photocopies are not acceptable) although forms downloaded and printed in full from the website are acceptable.
  2. Applications must be received at least six weeks prior to any event or purchase for which the funding is sought to enable the application to be properly considered.
  3. The form must be signed and dated by the Secretary, Treasurer or Chairperson of the applicant group and in the case of schools, the Principal.
  4. The form must not be altered in any way by anyone other than the applicant.
  5. Supporting documentation must be inserted into the middle of the form and the Bank Deposit Slip attached firmly.


  • At least two quotations for the products/services that are proposed.
  • Quotes must be less than two months old and addressed to the applicant group.
  • If funding is proposed towards general running costs, these must be supported by copies of previous accounts (e.g. power, phone, rates.) For salaries, signed employment contract clearly stating the term of the contract, employees name and rate of pay must be provided.
  • The minutes of the committee/executive meeting including:
    1. the full names of all those having attended the meeting;
    2. a resolution to apply for funding from Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd;
    3. minutes and resolutions must be certified as true and correct and signed by the Secretary/Chairperson or other authorised person;
    4. minutes must be on the official letterhead of the applicant organisation;
    5. for sporting groups, proof of affiliation to regional or national body;
    6. proof/itinerary and dates of any events for which funding is sought;
    7. if the group is a genuine non profitable or charitable organisation:
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • Charities Commission Certificate
      • For sporting teams, proof that team is affiliated to a regional body
    8. A copy of your organisation's latest Financial Accounts or your latest Income & Expenditure Account is acceptable.
    9. Bank account details. Acceptable forms are:
      • A pre printed bank deposit slip in the name of the applicant group
      • Bank generated bank account details verified by the bank.


  • The application and supporting documentation.
  • Accountability documentation showing the expenditure of the funds including receipts and invoices as requested in the approval letter.


  1. Funds can only be provided for purposes or events that are future focused, ie those that have not occurred at the time the application is received. Funding cannot be retrospective. A grant cannot be made for money already spent by the applicant.
  2. Any funds provided must be used for the items or services stated in the application and purchased form the lowest supplied quote. Permission must be obtained from the Foundation before any different items or services are purchased or if a different supplier is to be used.
  3. Funds must be used for the purpose for which they are granted and any funds not used for that purpose, must be returned to the Foundation immediately.
  4. Funds cannot be promised for a future event. Ongoing funding can only be catered for by a separate application every time funding is required.
  5. Funds must be used as soon as practical after being granted and cannot be held over for use for sometime in the future.
  6. Any queries relating to grant applications must be made directly to the Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd.
  7. The purpose for which the funds are to be used, are to provide a genuine community benefit to a significant section of the community.
  8. It must be certain that no person will benefit commercially from the grant other than the providers of goods and services in the application.
  9. The Foundation members may contact organisations to clarify information stated on the application and organisations are requested to oblige.

The above are some of the conditions and regulations that apply to the issuing of grants from gaming machine proceeds. The Foundation is entirely responsible for the commitment of funds and cannot approve any grant that is not compliant with regulations.


The proceeds from gaming machines can only be used for what is termed "authorised purposes" as set down by the Department of Internal Affairs and Gambling Act 2003.

Authorised Purposes may include charitable, philanthropic and to sporting, cultural activities or something that provides benefit to a significant proportion of the community in a non commercial sense.

Authorised Purpose Non Authorised Purpose
Clubs that:
  • Are affiliated to the national code or to a regional body that is affiliated.
  • Are Incorporated.
  • Play as part of a recognised and regular competition.
Clubs or events that are:
  • Workplace sports or social teams.
  • Commercial or business house competitions.
  • One-off tournaments or competitions, in particular where there is an entry fee and prizes.
Uniforms & Equipment:
  • Must be required to play the actual game
  • Can only be for actual playing team members plus reserves and may include a coach or manager. Excessive team numbers will not be funded.
  • All uniforms & equipment remain the property of the club for future use.
  • Dress & travelling clothing or uniforms of any sort.
  • Personalised items such as shoes/boots.
  • Non-essential items such as drink bottles, gear bags.
  • National or regional coaching and development programmes that can clearly demonstrate a direct benefit to the community.
  • Clubroom & grounds building and maintenance projects.
  • Team/member affiliation or registration fees (may be Authorised in certain cases).
  • After match functions or socials.
  • Special Building projects or maintenance for NZ schools.
  • Student Scholarships that are administered and accounted for by the educational facility.
  • Specialised equipment that is of a direct benefit to the students education.
  • Assistance with school activities and programmes, ie sport and field trips.
  • Costs that can be reasonably be expected to be funded by the Government direct funding, ie curriculum items.
  • General administrative costs associated with the day to day running of the school.
  • Teacher salaries.
  • Applications from the extensive range of genuine community organisations will be considered.
  • The degree of funding allocated will be based on that group's effectiveness and reputation within their community and this may include:
    • Special buildings, projects or maintenance
    • Office equipment such as computers, fax machines, photocopiers, etc
    • Office administration costs in certain instances where specific justification can be displayed
    • Running costs for volunteer workers (these must be clearly justified).
  • Third party funding, fundraisers or fundraising events.
  • Commercial Businesses.
  • Commercial Tourist promotions
  • Family groups or reunions.
  • Food, refreshments or entertainment, except in certain cases such as the elderly, children or special community focussed Christmas festivities.
  • Motor vehicles are not funded unless the group is able to prove to the total satisfaction of the Foundation that the vehicle is a critical part of their work.
  • Small non cash prizes valued at under $40 will be considered for presentation at genuine sporting, or educational prizegivings.
  • Trophies, sashes and ribbons for genuine events.
  • Funding applications must be future focussed and applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to any event or proposed purchase.
  • Funding however cannot be held over for a future event and it is expected that most funding will be utillised within 3-6 months
  • Cash prizes, large non cash prizes and gift vouchers of any kind.
  • Taxes or insurances of any kind.
  • Retrospective purchases, ie funding for goods or services that have already been undertaken or incurred.
  • Payment to professional fundraisers.
  • Funding to individuals (unless applied for and administered by a recognised body to which the individual is affiliated).
Internal and overseas travel will only be considered under certain conditions:
  • That the purpose of the travel is for a genuine amateur sporting event or other purpose that is not predominantly social in nature.
  • That the traveller/s is/are representatives who have been selected at a regional or national level.
  • That the purpose for the travel will benefit the NZ community and/or NZ's international reputation.
  • Only the cost (or part of) the ticket from NZ to the first destination and return may be funded.
  • Travel applications and quotations must include the name and status of the traveller.
  • Taxes, insurances and transfers will not be funded.
  • Overseas accommodation or costs will not be funded.
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