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Panama Rd
Panama Road School is a Decile 1A primary school in the neighbouring suburbs of Mt Wellington/Otahuhu area in Auckland, with a roll of 221 that reflects the loal multi-ethnic community. Population growth in the area is placing an added burden on the school, which is already struggles to provide students with all that is needed for a high quality education. A grant from Mt Wellington Foundation made it possible for the school to build a new junior playground as the previous playground with its old, damaged surface and tree roots breaking up the gound was an unsafe environment for the children to play in and the equipment was no longer up to code. Having a safe, exciting and fun place to play brings a lot of joy to the children and reassurance to the parents and staff of Panama Rd School.

Mens Shed Auckland East
Mens Sheds have been operating in Australia since 1998 and they now have in excess of 1000 registered sheds. In New Zealand there are currently 150 Sheds operating or in the set up stage and our local Mens Shed is situated at 98 Abbots Way on the Waiatarua Reserve. It has been said that sheds are to a man what a handbag is to a woman with many men on reaching retirement finding they are at a loose end and if they downsize their home theres no longer space for a workshop where they once undertook many tasks using a lifetime of accumulated skills. In some cases this has led to the onset of depression. It has been shown that Mens Shed has made a huge positive step in helping men deal with advancing age, depression, other mental illness and injury/disability rehabilitation. Since opening our local Mens Shed has assisted many local community organisations including repairing toys for the local toy library, manufacturing an exercise device for a handicapped child, assisted in modifying a teaching module for a local primary school, built planer boxes for a local community centre, built sets for Ellerslie Theatrical Society and operated build your own racing car stalls at local events.

St Marys Ellerslie Catholic School
St Marys School established a bike track to encourage students to be more physically active and to give students from the area the opportunity to learn to ride a bike as most do not own a bike at home. The aim of the project was to give each student the opportunity to use the facilities and equipment to enable them to ride regularly as cycling is a fantastic activity for developing fundamental movement skills. The project has not only impacted on the students but on the community as well, not only for health and fitness but also to help improve self-esteem and confidence

Panmure Fun Day
The event has been held annually since the 1960s. Under the guidance of the Panmure Basin Advisory Committee and its chair John Worsnop, this event has always aimed to promote the clubs that use the Panmure Basin as a sport and recreational facility. It has traditionally offered 4 hours of fun free activities in various areas of the walkway around the Panmure Basin.

It was tabled at the Panmure Basin Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday 17 February 2016: that as the Basin Advisory Committee had been unable to organise the event this year they would be pleased to have input and give permission for a new group to explore the options of alternative options to organising the event. We would like you to bear in mind that this is an historical event show casing the clubs on the Basin which has been sponsored by the Mt. Wellington Foundation Ltd. This sponsorship has enabled us to provide free participation for the children and families in the area. Margaret Dance, Secretary, Panmure Basin Advisory Committee The core of the Fun Day existed but there was not the capacity amongst the community groups to organise the event. So an event organiser was contracted to facilitate the whole event with the community groups support.

Mount Wellington Amateur Swimming Club
The Mount Wellington Swimming Club has served the Panmure, Mount Wellington and surrounding areas since its inception in 1970. It provides coaching/training at the Lagoon Leisure Centre for competitive swimmers, triathletes, ocean swimmers water polo players and recreational swimmers. Swimmers abilities cover those straight from swimming school up to National Open Competition standard. Club membership has risen over the past 3 years from 35-40 to 95. Members are aged from 6 to 21 years old and include a very diverse range of ethnicities including: NZ European, Maori, Chinese, Taiwanese, Polynesian, African, Palestinian, Bulgarian and Russian.
What the Grant Was For Recently the Grants the Club has received from the Mount Wellington Foundation have been used to offset the cost of coaching.
With the growth in swimmer numbers the Club now employs 2 experienced coaches: The Club's Head Coach, who coaches the club's senior squad and a Junior Development Coach, who looks after our Junior and Development Squads. In addition, 2 part time assistant coaches work with the Development Coach.
Without the generous support of the Foundation, the Club would not be able to provide this level support to its swimmers and keep its fees at level able to be afforded by those swimmers within the Clubs immediate catchment.

A number of benefits have arisen from the Club's policy of providing high level coaching expertise:

  • Success of our competitive swimmers in Regional and National Competitions. E.G. 9 year old Alyssa Wangford has broken 2 Auckland breaststroke records.
  • Several of our recreational swimmers have gone on to be competitive swimmers.
  • Our Triathlon swimmers placed well in national competition and many of our water polo swimmers swim in the top school and regional teams.
  • Over the last 5 years 10 of our senior swimmers have become qualified learn to swim instructors and now work with the YMCA swim school.

Pt England Primary School
Pt England Primary School is a member school of the Tamaki Principals Group for which over the past 2 years MWFL has provided over $400,000 of funding to encourage and assist students of our local schools with the ever changing world of technology. The funds donated has provided all schools with electronic whiteboards in classrooms along with I-Pads and other ICT equipment and Pt England Primary School is well known in the Auckland region for its very up to date classroom learning system using modern technology.

Glen Innes School
The students at Glen Innes School now have an up-to-date playground built with the assistance of MWFL. The purpose built playground encourages young children to not only test their abilities at various stages but also to enjoy what children do best - play using equipment that is strong and safe.

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