From Panama Rd School July 2020
Once again the wonderful Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd has come to our schools aid.  Being a Decile 1 school, means we need to work very hard to provide the most we can for our students, and we are greatly helped in this endeavour via grants.  With a very limited budget, we cannot afford to have anything stolen, so when we managed to get extra devices for our students, we needed to purchase extra safes to store them in.  This is where the Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd, once again filled the breach, and we are sincerely appreciative of their help.  Over the years, we have received many grants from the Mt Wellington Foundation, and they have made a very positive difference to our students and community, which we are extremely grateful for.

Vicky Baker - Executive Officer


From Mt Wellington Foodbank April 2020
I would like to thank you for our grant which will enable us to keep up the work we do in helping families in need with emergency food parcels in our community and also help the volunteers from the four Churches involved who work hard and spend many hours delivering the food parcels.

Pauline Keesing - Chairperson


From Big Buddy Mentoring Service January 2020
We very much appreciate your support which will help us to match more positive male role models with the many boys who dont have a dad in their lives.  We frequently hear from mums and caregivers that having a Big Buddy show up regularly, just for a few hours week, really makes a difference to their boys.  They are happier, more confident and willing to try new things.  Thank you again  for your grant.  It's through generosity like yours that we can continue this work, changing lives one boy at a time.

Paul Burns - Chief Executive


From Presbyterian Support Service January 2020
Family Works would like to thank the Mt Wellington Foundation for its donation towards the lease of the Family Works Centre in Mt Wellington.  During the funding period our East Auckland office has worked
alongisde 19 adults and children, helping them to achieve real and transformational change.  We have provided counselling, social work and social workers in primary schools which has helped them overcome the effects of domestic conflict and abuse, leading to safer and healthier environments for all.  Once again, thanks you for your support.

Agatha Zaza - Grants Coordinator


From Arthritis New Zealand - October 2019
Thank you for your generous gift received on 27th September 2019.  Your commitment to helping over 670,000 people with arthritis in our community is greatly appreciated.  Arthritis NZ staff and volunteers work hard to advance the mission of improving the life of every person affected by arthritis.  Through our services and programs we have seen many lives changed for the better.  The goal of Arthritis NZ is to continue to make a difference for people affected by arthritis who need our support to learn how to self-manage their arthritis condition.  Thank you for offering hope when the pain of arthritis becomes too much to bear.

Philip Kearney - Chief Executive


From One Tree Hill College - October 2019
As a school we want to say how truly grateful we are, that our students are recipients of scholarships from Mt Wellington Foundation.  The opportunities available to the students who partake in these two experiences is invaluable.  We see time and again that the confidence they gain from the Spirit of Adventure and Outward Bound translates back to the school environment.  The stories, friends and adventures they enjoy become a huge part of their personal journey.  Being able to send confident, happy, organised men and woman out into the community is what really matters and these opportunities help create that.  Thanks again.

Jane Chatterley - Careers co-ordinator



From Raenan Garcia Tamaki College 
Thank you again so much Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd.  You have given me an amazing experience I will never forget.  Thank you for allowing me to go and fully paying for me.  I cannot thank you enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity to me.  I have made some lifelong friends and learnt some amazing skills while being on the Spirit of New Zealand,  Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

Raenan Garcia



From Christians Against Poverty - December 2019
Once Again, thank you so very much for the generous grant donated to Christians Against Poverty.  We're so humbled and grateful by your ongoing partnership with CAP.  But of course it is not about us; its about the poverty stricken families across greater Mt Wellington who, thanks to your funding, will have seamless access to the support they so desperatley need to get out of debt.  A client who was supported by CAP for 3.5 years until becoming debt free wrote to thank CAP supporters, like the Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd, who partner with CAP to make Debt Help free for those who need it:
"I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the financial support, but more importantly for their humanity.  For people that have no idea of the depth of despair that you go through in a financial crisis, and still putting their hands in their pockets to help...there are obviously people who care about other people and who care about their wellbeing and sanity, because being in a financial crisis removes all of that.  Takes away your wellbeing, takes away your sanity, it takes away your faith in mankind, and so what they're doing is they are restoring that for so many of us ...The word thank you doesnt seem enough."
So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  Your funding means desperate families such as above who have exhausted every other avenue for help will be able to break free from debt and poverty, and have their wellbeing, their quality of life and sanity restored.

Corina Eldershaw Trust & Communications Writer













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